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Agenda November 2017

The General Conference Curriculum will Include These Highly Instructive Topics:

  • Are their Guidelines for the Use of Testosterone in Women?
  • Testosterone and Insulin Resistance in Women
  • Women’s Sexual Health
  • Testosterone and Breast Cancer
  • Basic Clinical Evaluation for Women
  • Laser Vaginal Rejuvenation
  • Dysfunctional Bleeding
  • Hormones in Women and Heart Disease
  • Alzheimer’s Prevention
  • Brain Health
  • What to Look for and Screen in Dementia
  • Results of TBI Study
  • Loss of the Macrobiome and the Extracellular Matrix as an Etiology for Accelerated Neurologic Aging and the Modern Disease Epidemics
  • Translational Enteroimmunology
  • Microbial Age
  • Telemedicine
  • Molds and Mycotoxins: How they affect our brain, and how to treat patients affected by them
  • Peptides
  • Progressive Peptide Therapy
  • FDA Approval: Why On Label vs. Off Label on the Drugs Physicians Use
  • How to Pick a Good Supplement: Proper Dosage, Packaging, Ingredients
  • Impact of Hommones. Toxins and the Microbiota on Mood
  • And many more

PLUS - Four Ground-Building Full Day Pre-Conference Thursday Tracks:

Pre-Conference Track 1:
Precision Medicine: Applications in Clinical Age Management Medicine

Pre-Conference Track 2:
Introduction to Hormone Optimization

Pre-Conference Track 3:
Office Based Aesthetics for the Age Management Clinician
This track is none CME. Presented in conjunction with the American Academy of Microneedling

Pre-Conference Track 4:
Traumatic Brain Injury: A Clinical Approach to Diagnosis and Treatment
This track is presented in conjunction with the Warrior Angels Foundation a 501(c)(3) non-profit Organization.


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