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AMMG Practice Management Training - Full day course

Many attendees of our AMMG conferences are attracted to the field of Age Management Medicine, but do not feel qualified, or empowered with the necessary tools, to successfully transition from the well-established structure of disease-based medicine. In a similar way, physicians do not feel capable to transition from the traditional insurance-based reimbursement system into a system which relies to a significant degree upon direct pay, since proactive, health-oriented services are often not covered by insurance. In this module, for those physicians, healthcare professionals and office staff members, the strategies and methods of successfully making this transition will be reviewed in detail.

In this module, attendees will be guided through the process of evaluating their professional goals and then be helped to create a successful strategy to achieve those goals. The content of this module will begin with creating a plan and then move into specific practical strategies of implementing this plan. Local demographics need to be studied. Practice needs such as office space, personnel needs, diagnostic equipment, electronic medical records, malpractice insurance, and financial budgeting will be reviewed. Developing successful relationships with vendors and compounding pharmacies as well as establishing advanced diagnostic laboratory support will be presented as well.

At the completion of this module the intent is for the attendee to be equipped with the basic tools for making the decision whether to consider moving into an Age Management Medicine practice and, if so, to create a successful transition into this exciting field.

AMMG Practice Management Training - Full day course

Full 1 Day Course (Non-CME)

  • The Big Picture Evaluation Process — Attendees need to step back and evaluate their personal goals, professional goals and financial goals when incorporating Age Management Medicine as a Full Time venture vs. incorporating Age Management Medicine into their existing practice Part Time. They also must look at what current practice resources are available.
  • Evaluation of Personalized Practice Needs — Each Age Management Physician based upon their larger goals will need to clearly define what they will need in their practice. This will include: Office Space, Staffing Needs, Diagnostic Equipment, EMR-HIPPA Compliant Record Keeping, Lab Resources, Compounding Pharmacy(s), Malpractice Insurance and others. How to establish a series of effective protocols for successful evaluation and development of personalized treatment plans for your first series of patients will be discussed.
  • Development of a Personalized Business Plan — A detailed look at the Age Management Practice and how to visualize and put the business plan into writing. Incorporate the goals and practice needs previously discussed, practice development strategies, the amount of time required (the full or part time decision previously evaluated) and consider ancillary services such as aesthetics, in office retail of products, etc. Most importantly it is time to develop a budget.
  • Marketing Your Practice — You can have the best office space, suburb staff and fine equipment but ultimately you will need patients. Develop a strategy for growth incorporating marketing strategies using, local resources, economic demographics, the internet, websites, local advertising, social media, presentation materials and paid advertising click lead options will be discussed.
  • How to Transition Current Patients to a Direct Pay-Cash Practice — You may have a ready supply of patients in your existing practice. These are patients that in many cases can transition to your Age Management Practice. Strategies to use this existing patient base will be discussed.
  • Billing and Collection Methods for a Direct Pay Practice — Discussion of the patient payment and collection methods outside of managed healthcare.
  • Patient Retention Strategies — Age Management Patients can be long term and maintaining the proper relationship and providing them with the proper motivation is critical. There will also be opportunities for upselling with advanced therapies as they become available or as you become comfortable with them.
  • Maintaining Competence in Age Management Medicine with Continuing Education — Most successful Age Management Clinicians understand that they need to maintain and update their knowledge base in this new and developing industry and have a plan to stay updated with new and cutting-edge information, maintain critical contacts with colleagues and seek out new technologies and products.
  • Roundtable Discussion — Time to ask all those questions that you now have on your mind.
AMMG Practice Management Training - Full day course

Course Offers:

  • Approximately 8 hours live lectures
  • 30 days of mentoring support
  • Lecture Materials

Post Course Mentoring:
(additional fees required)

  • Email and phone mentoring support (90 day increments)
  • 1 day mentoring support in your office
  • 1 day shadowing in mentors Age Management Medicine practice

Course Requirements:

  • Applicant is encouraged to also enroll their office staff at a reduced fee.
  • Must be a Member of AMMG

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