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Fitness Genes Company Uses DNA to Craft Your Fitness Plan


KC Curay 

Jan. 30, 2017 ( — Dr. Dan Reardon has a brutal schedule with constant traveling, meetings, and speaking engagements at wellness conferences. But being the founder and CEO of UK-based personal genomics company Fitness Genes, he is doing all this to grow his startup company across the globe, even giving cheerful interviews to journalists from different countries. He still looks healthy and cheerful, and he credits this with using his own Fitness Genes programs in which he was the original “guinea pig” to test out and improve his app that plans out his exercise habits and diet. He credits much of this success in his busy lifestyle to the app. Fitness Genes’ genetic sequencing laboratory tests for variations in anyone’s genetic code to determine how the body responds to exercise and nutrition. Fitness Genes works a lot like other DNA analysis services.

The user starts by signing up for a plan on the Fitness Genes website. The company offers basic “starter” plans, or plans customized to help an individual lose weight or build up muscles. In a few days a DNA testing kit will arrive in the mail. The kit is a DNA sampling kit that you can easily open so all you need is to just deposit some saliva into a receptacle (for heaven’s sake, just spit into the tube). You then reseal the package and send it back to Fitness Genes’ testing facility in Oxfordshire. A team of geneticists will analyze your DNA and deliver a breakdown of your genetic variations, and this comes complete with a personalized workout and diet plan created to use your body’s strengths and avoid its weaknesses. Currently, the company can test for 43 different genetic variations. Each variation will have a different and tangible effect upon the body’s response to exercise and nutrition.

See Fitness Genes: How It Works Video Courtesy of YouTube

It can also analyze if your body can stand up to endurance workouts, interval strength training, or be influenced by food cravings. According to Reardon, the company is expanding its dedication to evidence-based, peer reviewed science, and academic collaborations that will soon result in more genetic information that can be available to customers. In short, it’s only a matter of time before more genetic variations can be tested. So what happens after the customer receives the information? The biggest advantage with this information is that it provides a scientific basis for nutritional and physical efficiency. So, customers can tailor workouts and meals to save time and eliminate anything that wasn’t effective in the past before the Fitness Genes testing was conducted. Because the company is familiar that not everyone is a rocket – or genetics – scientist, they are providing access to a members-only webpage where members can learn about their specific gene variation, assuming they’re one of the 41 gene variations. The access includes workout and dietary recommendations at different levels for all 41 gene variations. Thus, the membership also helps members provide a new angle that traditional trainers and nutritionists could not provide in the past.



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